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Courses in 2017 (BE 2560)

Please email:
or phone 0 2511 0439
at least 5 days in advance to book a place on any course.

For a list of courses in date order, please click here.


You will need to apply in writing for any of these courses at least five days in advance.
Answer the application questions on the linked pages and send the answers by email to


Note: All fees listed in the links are suggestions and are open to negotiation.
Some other form of energy exchange, such as helping with correspondence or looking after the office may sometimes be possible.

List of Expected Courses to be held at the House of Dhamma

from January to December 2017


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Buddhist Vipassana Meditation -  One-day Taster Course
– For beginners and general interest

Mindful Morning Meditation at The House of Dhamma

Four-morning course for adult English speakers who would like to learn how to practice traditional Buddhist Vipassana meditation – For beginners and general interest

Two-day Traditional Buddhist Vipassana Introductory Course – For beginners and as a refresher

One-day Traditional Buddhist Vipassana Meditation – Follow-up course for almost beginners

One-day Traditional Buddhist Vipassana Meditation – Follow-up for experienced meditators

Traditional Buddhist Vipassana Meditation  
Two-day follow-up Mini-retreat (Non-residential )– For experienced meditators

An introduction to Metta (Loving Kindness) Meditation
– One-day for participants with some Vipassana or Samatha experience

Two-day Integral Awareness Meditation Course
Less Buddhist culture: More authentic personal practice


Learn Reiki Healing level One

Learn Reiki Healing level Two

Learn Reiki Healing level Three

The Reiki Mastership


Reiki treatments

Pendulum Power:


Discover your healing crystals:




For more information


Phone: + 66 2511-0439 (From outside Thailand) or 02-511-0439 (within Thailand)